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10 most common mistakes every garment exporter makes

Garment manufacturing and export is a profitable business that has applications all over the world. Where profit margins are healthy, the associated challenges with respect to provision of raw material and many other manufacturing aspects are also daunting. All garments exporters have to meet timelines since the garments range is usually associated with seasonal changes in the importing countries and any delay in shipments can result in cancelled orders or imposed penalties. For all those courageous garments exporters who work on delivery timelines, the fact is amply clear that any hiccups in delivery of embroidery, Schiffli laces or any other raw material can pose serious impediments in the scheduled production and delivery of garments to the importer. Garment exporters make some common mistakes and face these problems in getting the samples produced and delivered :

  • Inability to find the Right Vendor. This results in long waiting period in development of samples from the vendors that are either under qualified to undertake the job or less efficient.
  • Incorrect budgeting for sample development. This problem is mainly due to choosing the wrong vendor for sample development. This results in high costs associated with preparation of samples.
  • Lack of effective mechanism for vendor selection. Choosing an unprofessional vendor to develop sample for your business would mean sample development costs exceeding target sample development budgets in most cases.
  • Aggressive follow up. Most garment exporters would get into a huge hassle of constantly following up vendors for in time delivery and adherence to sample development budgets. This is again an outcome of wrong selection of vendor in the first place.
  • Poor Quality sample development. Low quality or defective deliveries by vendors are an obvious result of ordering your work to a low quality vendor. The sure result is sample rejection
  • Delayed or deferred deliveries. The longer production time required by vendors for sample development is usually caused by ordering for a sample to a vendor that has limited production potential.
  • Lack of technical expertise. Lack of vendor capacity and understanding to deliver required sample is again a serious issue that garment exporters face when they place their orders in the wrong hands.
  • Lack of Vendor evaluation. Most garment exporters would lack the organizational mechanism to evaluate vendors before placing an order.
  • Penalty clauses. Inability to ensure the imposition of penalties on a badly performing vendor is a serious mistake that garment exporters make.
  • Performance guarantees. Ordering without performance guarantees of some sort is another serious mistake that garment exporters make.

What makes us different in providing quality embroidery and Schiffli lace?

We offer excellent services to garment exporters with following outstanding benefits:

  • We are the biggest embroidery deliverers in Noida and one of the leading companies all over India. Our massive operational capacity place us in an ideal position to adhere to timelines while maintaining quality and quantity standards.
  • Free delivery of first free sample in just 72 hours of placing your order
  • Development of sampling yardage at the actual production cost. We would not charge you any extra.
  • Perfect understanding of buyer sample specification and strict adherence to sample production budget. We additionally offer development options.
  • Voluntary submission of sample development and delivery schedule that is strictly adhered to. You would not have to follow up to ensure in time sample delivery.
  • Automated mail delivery notifications to keep the buyer updated with delivery details through state of the art Swiss delivery updation system.
  • Top notch quality control and production mechanism that ensure flawless production and in time delivery.
  • An Unmatched record of in time sample delivery that surpass the usual industry standards by miles (97%).
  • Our huge production setup enables us to deliver in the peak production season (when other suppliers would simply show inability to deliver).
  • We pride in our core value of quality delivery at all prices. Out client testimonial speak for the quality of our service for over 10 years.
  • Another point of immense pride for us is that, the bulk of our business comes from repeat buyers or referrals, another clear indication of our commitment to providing service with quality and quantity.
  • We are proudly serving some of the most prestigious names in the garment manufacturing industry like Mango, Inditex, river island and many more.
  • True to our commitment of delivering the goods in time, we would pay for air delivery charges if your order is delayed at our end.