About us

About Us

Fabricsnlaces.com is owned and operated by Modi Schiffli Embroidery Mills Private Limited. which is the one of the largest embroidered fabrics and laces manufacturers in India. International and domestic embroidery buyers constantly face the challenge of finding trustworthy and professional embroidery manufacturers who are dedicated to deliver high quality embroidery fabrics and laces on time, every time. Since we started our business, we have always targeted to fill the gap of professionalism in the embroidery and lace manufacturing industry in India. As globalization takes over the world, international companies continue to pay more and more attention to work ethics, contribution to society and business standards.

We at Modi Schiffli Embroidery Mills Private Limited are committed to deliver quality and quantity, on time, every time. We achieve this with a professional and systematic approach.

As a major Embroidery Manufacturer in India, our team of experts follow a strict flow chart that streamlines each and every step of the embroidery manufacturing process with what is to be done, how is to be done, when is to be done and by whom is to be done being clearly defined for every step.

To ensure that the process is carried out as per the flowchart specifications, our management team monitors it sing a flowchart monitoring sheet. From the very first moment you get in touch with us, you will experience the difference, aimed at ensuring the best customer experience.


Our mission is to continuously raise quality and service standards in the embroidery fabric and lace industry with a systems driven approach. Thus improving the quality of life of every individual who comes in contact with us by providing complete peace of mind.


Our priority vision is to become the number-one embroidery fabric and lace manufacturer in the global market.
We differentiate ourselves among our competitors with assurance of empowered employees, streamlined system of manufacturing and a foundation of strong work ethics.